Servlet CRUD

In this tutorial you will learn about the Servlet CRUD and its application with practical example.

Servlet CRUD

CRUD (Create,Read,Update,Delete) is the most important part of any application or project. In this article we will learn about CRUD. Let’s get understand it by an example.

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Example :-

Before doing coding part we need to create database and table for the storage, in this example I have used mysql which is in phpmyadmin of Xampp. Check below image for table structure.


Here test is database name and emp_management is the table name.

Let’s start coding part. First we need to create project for this, index.html file will be auto created. Check below code for that and also other classes.

Note: Don’t forget to add MySQL JDBC Driver in your project like below image.


This is our java bean class, from here we will set and get the data.2. : This is our java bean class, from here we will set and get the data.

This is very important part of this project, from here we will handle our all queries of database, database connection also be here. Check below code.

From this class we will add employee which will inserted to database. Check below code.

It will show employees list in the form of table which are added by you, from here you can also delete and update user details. Check below code.

When you run this project you will find an option in “View Employee” screen that is delete, which will redirect to class and delete the entry from table. Check below code.

This is the class from where you can update the details of employee, You will get the form here which will be filled by previous entries of employee, when you edit and submit the details , it will redirect to the class, which will update the data in the table. Check below code for this class.

As I explained above that this servlet will be used for update the employee details in the table, check below code for this class.


So we are done with coding now check one by one screenshots of this project.



After Adding Employee


Database screenshot after adding employee.



View Employee screenshot.


Update Screenshot : On Update screeshot.


After update and add one more employee.


Delete: Post deletion result will be like below image


After insertion of multiple records.


So we are done with this project, link of this project is below. You can simply download this project by below link. Here we can see there are many records in table so in next article we will make them in pagination. In short we will divide our data in pages. Check Next article for this.

Download Complete Code

In this tutorial we have learn about the Servlet CRUD and its application with practical example. I hope you will like this tutorial.