In this tutorial you will learn about the Pronoun and its application with practical example.

In this tutorial, we will learn Pronoun.

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In our daily life, we avoid repeating names of someone or something. Instead of calling name, we speak some other words that can replace those names(nouns), “These word which are used to avoid repetition of nouns  are called Pronouns”.


  1. I play chess.
  2. We know English language.
  3. This is my car.

In the above examples, underlined words are called pronouns.
Now, let us learn ‘Types of Pronouns’:
Pronouns have been classified in the following categories:


1.Personal Pronoun: This is used for three persons, first person(I and We), second                                                         person(You) and third person(he, she, it, they)

This kind of pronoun is used at the place of a subject and an object, therefore,
This is of two types:

Subjective:     used at the place of a subject: I, we, you, they etc.
Sentence: We are reading now.
Objective: used at the place of an object: me, us, you, and them etc.
Sentence: He is cheating us.

2.Possessive Pronoun: This is used to show possession on something or someone.
Example: mine, ours, yours etc.
Sentence: These all books are mine.

3.Demonstrative Pronoun: This is used to point to some particular person or thing.

Example: This, That, These and Those.
Sentence: This is a fantastic idea.

4.Relative Pronoun: This is used to link phrases or clauses to another in a sentence:
Example: who, whom, whose, that etc.
Sentence: I know a person who can help you.

5.Interrogative Pronoun: This is used to ask a question about a noun or a pronoun itself.

Example:  Who, Whose, Whom, Which etc.
Sentence: Who is waiting for the bus?

6.Reflexive Pronoun: This is used to reflect a subjective pronoun. The “self” form of personal pronouns is called Reflexive Pronoun.

Example: myself, himself, ourselves etc.
Sentence: I can do it myself.

7.Indefinite Pronoun: This is used for the unknown number of subject(s) or object(s).

Examples: anybody, everybody, anyone, anything, something etc
Sentence: Anybody can come here and take this bag.

So, here is a chart of pronoun which will help you to understand pronouns.

In this tutorial we have learn about the Pronoun and its application with practical example. I hope you will like this tutorial.