In this tutorial you will learn about the Adverbs and its application with practical example.

in this tutorial , we will learn about Adverbs.


Before starting with this tutorial we assume that you are best aware of.


Let s see some examples:

  1. I dance nicely.
  2. He came to the meeting very late.
  3. My father is going to buy a new car tomorrow.

In above example, we can see the words ‘nicely, very late, tomorrow and really’ are showing “How the action is taking place, when the action is taking place and how nice the man is”  these all words which are telling something about the actions, place, time etc. are known as Adverbs.

So, in short, we can say that any word that modifies any verb, adjective or adverb as well is called an adverb.

We can classify adverbs in the following categories:

1.Adverbs of Time: shows time of action: now, then, today…..

2.Adverbs of Place: shows place of action: here, there….

3.Adverbs of Manner: shows how the action is going on: beautifully, nicely….

4.Adverbs of degree: shows how much action is done: finally, eventually…..

5.Adverbs of reason: shows reason of action: thus, that is why, why, hence….

6.Adverbs of affirmation/negation: surely, no, never….

7.Interrogative adverbs: used for asking questions about the action: how?, when?…..

8.Adverb of frequency: shows how often the action is done: always, seldom, often….



In this tutorial we have learn about the Adverbs and its application with practical example. I hope you will like this tutorial.