MySQL Connection

Before you perform any operations, you need to connect to MySQL server and select a MySQL database.

Connecting to MySQL server and database using PHP

PHP uses mysql_connect() function to open a database connection.Here is prototype for mysql_connect() function.

Parameter Description
Host The host name running database server. for using on local installation we use “localhost” as host name
username The username accessing the database. for “localhost” dafualt username is “root
password The password of the user accessing the database. If not specified then default is an empty password.

MySQL persistent connection with PHP

MySQL persistent connection is a connection which first tries to find if any identical connection (i.e with same hostname, username and password) exists. If so, then commands followed will use that connection. If such a connection does not exist, it would create one. MySQL persistent connection can not be close using mysql_close(). Persistent connection is used for better performance out of your MySQL server

Disconnecting or closing a MySQL connection using PHP