Laravel 8 Queue Job Tutorial Example

In this tutorial you will learn about the Laravel 8 Queue Job Tutorial Example and its application with practical example.

n this Laravel 8 Queue Job Tutorial Example I will show you how to configure, create and use queue jobs in laravel 8 application. In this tutorial you will learn to about creating queue jobs and its application in laravel. In this article I will share example to configure queued jobs for various time consuming tasks in laravel. For example when we want to send mails in bulk it takes enough time to send all mails. Sending mails in bulk result time consuming process and may not guarantee all mails being sent. In laravel we can create a queue job for sending mail in bulk.

Laravel Queue Job

Laravel queue job allows you to process time intensive tasks in background. It results in faster speed and better user experience. With laravel queue jobs you can delay a time-consuming task until a later time. Delaying the time consuming task will speeds up web requests and improve the performance of the applications. For example sending email in bulk is a time-consuming task. We can create a queue job to send email to the user in the background. Laravel queues provide a unified API across various queue backends, such as Amazon SQS, Beanstalk, Redis, or even a relational database.

Laravel 8 Queue Job Tutorial Example

In this step by step tutorial I will demonstrate you with example how to create and use laravel queue jobs in laravel. In this tutorial I will share a simple example to create a queue job with database driver to send email. Please follow the steps given below:

Step 1 – Install Laravel 8 App

First of all we need to create a fresh laravel project, download and install Laravel 8 using the below command

Step 2 – Configuration SMTP & Database

In this step we will be setting smtp detail for mail configuration in Laravel, We will be using following Gmail SMTP details such as username, password inside the .env file.

Step 3 – Create Mailable Class

Now, lets create a new laravel mailable class using following artisan command:

Open SendEmailTest.php file and copy bellow code and post on that file.


Ok, now create email view using blade file.


Step 4: Configuration of Queue

After that generate migration and create tables for queue. So run command for queue database tables:

Create Migration:

Run Migration:

Step 5: Create Queue Job for Sending Email

Now we will create a queue job to send emails using following artisan command:

Now, open SendEmailJob.php file and put bellow code on that file.


Step 6: Create Route for Queue Job

After this, we need to define routes in “routes/web.php” file. Lets open “routes/web.php” file and add the following routes in it.


process  laravel queue command.

let see the code changes we made

See configuration.

Step 7 – Run Development Server

Now we are ready to run our example so lets start the development server using following artisan command –

Now, open the following URL in browser to see the output –

In this tutorial we have learn about the Laravel 8 Queue Job Tutorial Example and its application with practical example. I hope you will like this tutorial.