JSP Sending Email

In this tutorial you will learn about the JSP Sending Email and its application with practical example.

JSP Sending Email

In this article we are going to send mail using JSP page. I have used simple format for creation your own mail API, which will based on two protocols SMTP and MIME. Follow the simple steps and you will get reach to your goal.


  1. Create Project: Simply create a project , I hope you are aware for creation of project with netbeans which is already discussed in our “Hello World” Web Application. So I am not going to explain here.
  2. Download Jar file: Before starting coding of this project we need to download jar files that are mail.jar and activation.jar files. By below link you can download jar files.


Simply add this jar files in your project library, If you do not how to add it just do right click on project and then go to Properties>Libraries, you will get screen like below image. Simply click on Add JAR/Folder Then click on “OK”, Your jar will be added to your project.


3.index.jsp: Now let’s do coding for our mail composer page. From here we will send details to mailProcess.jsp page through a form, check below code.

Output: The below screen will be the output of above code.here you need to enter email id of sender, subject of your mail and content of mail.


4.mailProcess.jsp: When you will click on “Send” button of above image after filling all details , so this page will do process of mail and will send to sender. Check below code.

Output: After entering correct email id of sende, click on Send button and wait for while, the below screen will appear.


In this tutorial we have learn about the JSP Sending Email and its application with practical example. I hope you will like this tutorial.