Parts of speech

In this tutorial you will learn about the Parts of speech and its application with practical example.

In this tutorial, we will learn about  Parts of speech.


Before starting with this tutorial we assume that you are best aware of the following topics.

  • Alphabet.
  • word.
  • synonym
  • antonym.

What Is Parts of speech?

A Part of speech  is a categorization of words that have alike grammatical properties.

Parts of speech

In English there are 8 parts of speech.
They are :

    1. Noun
    2. Pronoun
    3. Verb
    4. Adjective
    5. Adverb
    6. Preposition
    7. Conjunction and
    8. Interjection

Now let us try to understand these Parts of Speech and their functions one by one.


In our lower classes we have learnt the definition of Noun as a Noun is the name of person, place or thing.
Just remember in the definition the person, place or thing is not a noun their names are nouns.
So in short  we can define a noun is following:
” Every name is called a Noun.

Examples :

‘David’, ‘England’, ‘friendship’, ‘class’ ,’table’,’dog’ and etc….

In general Nouns  are divided into main five categories:

  1. Common Noun.
  2. Proper Noun.
  3. Abstract Noun.
  4. Collective Noun and
  5. Material Noun.

Let’s understand the types of Noun one by one:

1.Common Noun

A Common Noun is a type of name which we use in general to show A category of things persons or places.


‘boy’, ‘girl’, ‘child’, ‘river’,’ mountain’,’ city’, ‘villages’,’ books’ and etc…

The above example do not show the particular name of the things places or persons but which we use in general for a category.

‘These words are used commonly for a category that is why they are known as Common Nouns.

2.Proper Noun.

Proper Noun is a type of noun which we use to show a particular place, person or a thing. It shows an individual name.


‘David’,’India’,’Samsung’,’Times of India’,’Ganga’,’Himalaya’ and etc…

Note : The first letter of a proper noun is always written in a capital letter whether it is used in the beginning or in the end of the sentences.

3.Abstract Noun

An Abstract Noun is a type of noun that shows the name of emotions.


‘Courage’,’Happiness’,’Sadness,’Love’,’Anger’,and other names of our feelings.

4.Collective Noun

A Collective Noun is a type of noun that shows a name of a group.


‘Army’,’Class’,’Gang’,’Bunch’,’Bundle’,’School’,’Colony’,’Team’,’Party’ and etc…

5.Material noun

Material noun is a type noun which shows the name of the material by which a thing has been made up of.


‘Plastic’,’Gold’, ‘Wood’,’Cotton’,’Skin’,’Milk’,’Silver’,”Iron’,’Soil’,’Sand’ and etc…

Classification on the basis of numbers, nouns have been categorized as following:

Classification on the basis of gender,Nouns have been categorized as following.



This is the classification on the basis of numbers and gender of the nouns.

In this tutorial we have learn about the Parts of speech and its application with practical example. I hope you will like this tutorial.