Laravel 8 Ajax CRUD Using Datatable Tutorial

In this tutorial you will learn about the Laravel 8 Ajax CRUD Using Datatable Tutorial and its application with practical example.

In this Laravel 8 Datatables CRUD operation example tutorial I’ll show you how to create a simple crud application using yajra Datatables in laravel 8. In this example we will learn how to create a simple crud operation application using Datatables in laravel 8. In this laravel 8 crud application we will be using jQuery and ajax to delete data from datatable crud app and MySQL database in laravel 8 app.

Laravel 8 Ajax CRUD Using Datatable Tutorial

In this tutorial, you will learn to implement ajax based CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete) operations using datatable js. In this tutorial, we will be using yajra datatable package for listing of records with pagination, sorting and filter (search) feature.

In this step by step guide, we will be creating a simple laravel 8 application to demonstrate you how to install yajra datatable package and implement ajax based CRUD operations with datatable js.

  • Download Laravel 8 App
  • Database Configuration
  • Installing Yajra Datatables
  • Build Model & Migration
  • Create Routes
  • Generate CRUD Controller By Artisan Command
  • Create Blade Views File
  • Run Development Server

Install Laravel 8

First of all we need to create a fresh laravel project, download and install Laravel 8 using the below command

Configure Database In .env file

Now, lets create a MySQL database and connect it with laravel application. After creating database we need to set database credential in application’s .env file.


Install Yajra Datatable Package

In this step, we will install Yajra Datatables Package via the composer dependency manager. Use the following command to install Yajra Datatables Package.

After Installing Yajra Datatables package, we need to add service provider and alias in config/app.php file as following.


Now, we need to publish laravel datatables vendor package by using the following command:

Build Model & Migration

Now, in this step we will create model and migration file for form. Please run the following command:

Once above command is executed there will be a migration file created inside database/migrations/ directory, just open create_companies_table.php migration file and update the function up() method as following:

Now, run the migration to create database table using following artisan command:

Create Routes

After this, we need to define routes in “routes/web.php” file. Lets open “routes/web.php” file and add the following routes in it.


Generate CRUD Controller By Artisan Command

Next, we have to create a controller to for laravel crud operations. Lets Create a controller named CompanyCRUDController using command given below –

Open the CompanyCRUDController.php file and put the following code in it.


Create Blade Views File

Create the directory and create blade view file for CRUD operations as following:

  • Make Directory Name Companies
  • index.blade.php
  • create.blade.php
  • edit.blade.php
  • action.blade.php

Create directory name companies inside resources/views directory.





In the above code following jQuery ajax code is used to delete from datatable and database without refresh or reload page in laravel 8 app:

Start Development Server

Now we are ready to run our example so lets start the development server using following artisan command –

Now, open the following URL in browser to see the output –


In this tutorial we have learn about the Laravel 8 Ajax CRUD Using Datatable Tutorial and its application with practical example. I hope you will like this tutorial.