CSS Syntax

The syntax to define a CSS is as follows:

There is no limit on the number of property:value pair that can be specified for a selector.

Selector The selector as a HTML entity on which the defined styling will be applied.There are three main types of selectors: type selectors, class selectors, and ID selectors.
Property The property is a styling attribute of selected HTML entity( Selector ).It could be border,color,font etc.
Value It is the value for the assigned property.


means that text in the <b> element will be yellow.

Grouping Selectors

If we want to apply same styling to multiple selectors then they can be declared together. This is called “grouping”.Just separate the selectors with a comma. For example, if <h1>, <h2>, and <h3> share they same style, they can be declared together as follows:

Descendant Selectors

When we want to apply a stying or CSS to a particular element only when it is under or inside a specific element.Suppose we want to apply styling to <b> element inside the <li> element.

The syntax for declaring a descendant selector is:


means that text in the <b> element inside the <li> element will be red.

Applying Multiple Properties

To apply multiple properties just separate each declaration with a semi-colon.