In this tutorial you will learn about the Adjectives and its application with practical example.

In this tutorial , we will learn about Adjective.

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Now, let’s learn about Adjectives.
Adjectives are describing words for a noun or a pronoun.
All the words that tell something about a Noun or A pronoun are called adjectives.


1. Ravi is a smart.
2.I have three.
3.Do you have some milk?
4.This is my
In the above examples, the underlined words are adjectives which are showing quality(smart), quantity( some), numbers( three) and possession (my).

So, in short, we can say that adjectives can be classified into following categories.

  • Adjectives of quality: She is a beautiful
  • Quantity of Adjectives : I have some good friends.
  • Adjectives of numbers: I saw three
  • Demonstrative adjectives: This car is mine.
  • Interrogative adjectives: Which subject will you prefer to teach?
  • Possessive adjectives: My father is a doctor.

Now, let’s learn about degree of Adjectives:

An adjective has three degrees of comparison:
Positive degree: when there is no comparison: He is a good boy.

Comparative degree: when the comparison takes place between two objects: She is                                                             more beautiful than her.
Superlative degree: when comparison takes place among more than two objects: She is the                                             most beautiful girl among all of us.
Let us see some more examples and understand adjectives…..!


Points to remember:

1.If an adjective has one or two syllables, we add +er and +est to form comparative and superlative respectively.

2.If an adjective ends with incomplete sound or pronunciation, the last letter is doubled and add +er and +est .to form comparative and superlative respectively.

3.If an adjective ends with a Y and before Y there is a consonant, then, Y is removed and

+ ier and +iest form comparative and superlative respectively.

4.If an adjective has more than three syllables, ‘more’ and ‘most’ are added to form comparative and superlative respectively.

As in adjective BEAUTIFUL, there are three syllables (beau-ti-ful) therefore, we have added MORE and MOST before the positive degree of it.

5.Main verbs in –ing form are also used as adjectives. As: a hardworking

6.If there are more than one adjectives in a single sentence or a phrase, there is a sequence has to be followed which is as following:

7.Quantity or number (determiners) 2. Quality or opinion, 3. Size, 4. Age, 5. Shape, 6. Colour, 7. Proper adjectives (place/belonging to) and 8. Purpose or qualifier.

Example: I love that really big old green antique car.


In this tutorial we have learn about the Adjectives and its application with practical example. I hope you will like this tutorial.