Rust Tutorial

Rust Tutorial

Rust is a modern general-purpose, multi-paradigm systems programming language programming language originally developed/sponsored by Mozilla. Rust is a statically typed compiled language mainly focused on safety, speed, and concurrency. Rust syntactically similar to C++ and supports a mix of imperative procedural, pure functional and object-oriented programming paradigms. Unlike other modern languages Rust achieves all of these memory safety guarantees at compile time, hence there is no run-time overhead, which makes final code as fast as C/C++, but far safer.

This Rust tutorial is comprehensive guide for programming in Rust, this tutorial introduces you basic to advance Rust programming concepts. Follow it step-by-step, reading the text and running the sample programs.


This tutorial is designed for people who want to learn Rust Programming Language starting from scratch. This Rust tutorial is a comprehensive guide on how to get started with Rust Programming.


Before starting with this Rust tutorial, very basic knowledge of programming will be assumed. It’s better if you already had exposure to any programming language like C.