R Tutorial

Welcome to R Tutorial

R is an open source programming language and an integrated software environment, widely used for statistical computing, data analytics, scientific research, data modeling, graphical representation and reporting. R was originally created by Ross Ihaka and Robert Gentleman at the University of Auckland, New Zealand, and is freely available under the GNU General Public License.R is one of the most widely used programming languages by statisticians, data scientist, data analysts, researchers and marketers. It is a integrated software environment which make it easy to retrieve, filter, analyze, visualize and present data.

This R programming tutorial is comprehensive guide for programming in R, this tutorial introduces you basic to advance R programming concepts. Follow it step-by-step, reading the text and running the sample programs.


This tutorial is mainly designed for programmers, data scientist, statisticians and data miners interested in developing a statistical application using R programming language.


Before starting with this R tutorial, very basic knowledge of programming will be assumed. It’s better if you already had exposure to any programming language.